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Over the years Optimal Services NJ has developed our own system for cleaning dryer vents and air ducts to achieve optimal results. We are dedicated to fire prevention and improving in-home air quality.

We specialize in working with health care providers, property managements, maintenance companies and condo associations in New Jersey and New York. 

Air Duct Cleaning

High-pressure air whips and air hoses with directional attachments are used to loosen dirt and debris while a powerful HEPA filtered vacuum collects the contaminants. This duct cleaning technology provides a dust-free cleaning process.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

During a dryer vent cleaning, our team will remove all traces of lint and dust buildup from your dryer and its vents. If lint is not properly removed, it can begin to hold moisture and increase your risk for an electrical fire.

Dryer Disassembly & Cleaning

Our team will disassemble your dryer and clean all internal compartments inside the dryer from lint and debris that build up over time.  

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